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Talent Show April 23rd, 2022

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Super Bowl Party Coming!

Get ready to root for your favorite team!

Get ready to enjoy hot dogs, chips and soda!

The party went great!, but the Bengals lost :(   Lots of dogs and soda were consumed and a very good time was had!


Bowling Starts Up Again!

We have been able to start taking the Ranchers bowling weekly due to a recent generous donation. Many of our friends have not been bowling since 2019 due to Covid.  Everyone is really enjoying bowling and getting out into the community again.


Recent Updates & Activities

02/24/2022: My son voted yesterday with my help. Under the new Texas law I am required to swear out a new more restrictive oath in order to assist a disabled person vote. With the new restrictions I cannot help my son vote without breaking the oath and being charged with a felony. I could not help my son and not break the oath so I ask for an ADA accommodation at the pole to not swear the oath or be bound by its restrictions. The pole judge granted the accommodation and I helped my son vote. 

Our July 4th 2021 Party, Concert and BBQ

Our 2021 4th of July Party was a great hit. We fed over 100 people and listened to the wonderful music of Cody Cotton.

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02/03/2022: We have almost finished our the renovations of our facility stage area. We have also finished the all weather road between our facilities and Down Home Ranch.

We plan to start BINGO night and when we get finished. Stay tuned!

10/05/2021: The new Texas voter bill will have an effect on those people with IDD who are being helped to vote and on the people helping them to vote. Watch for more info on this closer to elections in November.

Due to Texas Redistricting we will have a new US Representative in southern Williamson County, Texas. It will be Pete Sessions of the 17th Congressional District.  I will keep you posted.

Tuesdays Bible Study

Linda Potts will lead the Bible Study on Tuesdays. All are welcome.


Halloween Dance

The Halloween Party was a great success. Everyone danced the night away.


Christmas Dance


Super Bowl Party Coming:

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